The Tri-state Area’s Custom Shop Finishing Experts

Capable of Finishing Trim, Furniture, and More

Blankenship Paint & Glass is proud to provide in-shop finishing services for a wide variety of needs. Whether you need finished trim for a three-story office complex or a beloved set of wicker furniture for your sunroom, our shop in North Sioux is able to provide you with high quality, fully-finished products.

Skip the Hassle

We’re set up to finish just about anything you need, and would be thrilled to help you minimize the hassle and clutter at your jobsite or home. By choosing Blankenship Paint & Glass for your custom shop finishing services, you’ll be taking the burden of receiving, finishing, and storage off your shoulders.

Count on Quality

At Blankenship Paint & Glass, our experts are highly-trained in a variety of finishing mediums and techniques. This means that you can count on an experience that exceeds your expectations, and is beautifully and professionally completed — on your timeline.

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