Wallpaper Installation in the
Tri-State Area

Wallpaper: A Relevant, Versatile Choice

Though its popularity may have waned in the second half of the 20th century, the use of wallpaper has been steadily rising, and for good reason. Modern versions of wallpaper banish the old view of it: that it was difficult to install, remove, and work with in general. At Blankenship Paint & Glass, we’re proud to install wallpaper where it’s appropriate, and to change the perception of a wall covering that many people see as old-fashioned.

From Vibrant to Subdued

Much like vinyl wall coverings, wallpaper is available in a staggering variety of patterns, colors, and even textures. Wallpaper is especially useful in low-traffic rooms, like powder rooms, accent walls, and many other residential locations.

A Durable (but Not Permanent) Alternative to Paint

The old conception of wallpaper is that, once you apply it, you might as well be stuck with it forever — but that is simply no longer true! Modern evolutions of wallpaper provide an elevated level of durability compared to paint, and now have the added benefit of significantly simpler removal.

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