Waterproofing in the
Tri-State Area

Protection from the Midwestern Weather

If you live in the Sioux City area, you’re likely more than familiar with the ever-changing weather patterns of the midwest. These atmospheric extremes can wreak havoc on your structures, and the experts at Blankenship Paint & Glass are able to determine exactly what kind of waterproofing services you need to protect your property.

The Barrier Between Your Assets and the Elements

While the high winds and sometimes torrential amounts of precipitation can do enough damage all on their own, the elemental threats to your structures don’t stop there. Our waterproofing products and services also protect your property from damage caused by freezing, thawing, and salt buildup.

Stop Graffiti in Its Tracks

An unfortunate side effect of owning commercial property is the ever-present threat of graffiti. This form of vandalism can decrease the value of your property and deter foot traffic due to its unsightly nature. Blankenship Paint & Glass is able to apply coatings to your structures that make graffiti easy and inexpensive to remove.

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