High-Performance Coatings for
Industrial, Agriculture, and More

Where Protection and Aesthetics Work Hand-In-Hand

From chemical holding tanks to agricultural processing facilities, Blankenship Paint & Glass has the industry knowledge to provide dependable, high-performance coatings services to our customers. These coatings not only help to provide protection, but they also keep your structures and surfaces looking fresh, strong, and new.

Protection From a Variety of Elements

Our high-performance coatings are designed to provide resistance from chemicals and abrasion, as well as protection from various types of corrosion. Extended and repeated exposure to things like sunlight, dust, dirt, and moisture can wreak havoc on your industrial and agricultural structures, and our high-performance coatings are a great way to mitigate that damage.

Not Just for Industrial Projects

While it’s common for us to think of high-performance coatings being used in industrial settings, the truth is that many other settings can benefit from them. Specifically in settings like hospitals or restaurants — places that regularly utilize harsh cleaners — high-performance coatings can protect these commercial spaces from chemical damage.

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